Jun 28, 2021

- how can you conduct a real stock assessment when approximately 1/3 of the 334,000 square KM GBRMP is green zone ( approximately 113,333 square KM) then on top of this you have yellow zones a large portion of the remaining area where commercial operators are only allowed 1 line ( restricted process efficiency !! ) How is this area possible allowed for with in this current stock assessment model.
- why would FQ not be willing to tell stakeholders whom conducted a peer review on this current stock assessment as per Shane Snow’s question! If they don’t release the name and date this stock assessment was peer reviewed therefore it couldn’t possibly be genuinely reviewed
- what is the real impact of the increase from 40% to 60% virgin stock biomass at the backend of the stock assessment
- how after many years of drought has the stock assessing model allowed for a recruitment pulse

This new model for stock assessments needs a lot of scrutiny/ questions asked of FQ data analysts. There’s still a massive amount of questions to ask and answer. The majority of industry that I have spoken to feels the fishery is in good shape and from the video it certainly seems like it.

When FQ claims a 17% stock biomass you can’t blame fishermen for mocking them.

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